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Day Clock - As Featured by David Cameron

Transforming Britain's Response to Dementia

Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron talks about how much of an impact Dementia is to our country. He goes on to describe how painful it is for loved ones seeing their husbands, wives, daughters, sons and friends becoming sincerely affected.

"For too long we as a country stuck our heads in the sand. This is a condition that costs around £19 billion a year in England – higher than the costs of cancer, heart disease or stroke – and yet on everything from diagnosis to research funding, we failed to keep pace. Dementia was ignored, down-played or mistaken as a natural part of the ageing process."

The UK has been progressing over the year after being woken up to dementia by David Cameron and the Government by shouting about how much of a impact it is. Since then the NHS has now improved ways to diagnose Dementia at a early stage to make life a lot easier for people.

Dementia is like any other disease; catch it early and you can make life a lot easier for people and the PM tells how awareness campaigns being run on TV are working effectively and also getting GPs to check closely for signs of dementia.

The PM continues to praise how the work of The Royal United Hospital Bath, one of the growing number of hospitals in the UK to help dementia, has specifically designed dementia wards to help patients feel more relaxed and at home. Aside from the fantastic care the patients receive, the RUH also has our Dementia Orientation Clocks within the Dementia wards. The Orientation Clock is an adaption to our award winning Day Clock, and is proven to significantly help people with dementia maintain their daily routine and reduce anxiety about the time of day and them missing key events.

The Ward Orientation Clocks’ clear and simple display of “Now it’s Monday Morning” was developed by Designability (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering) with the aim of helping people with dementia be able to link the time of day to their daily routine.

"So we’re spending £50 million on making hospitals and care homes more dementia-friendly."

Thankfully since the work of David Cameron, GPs and residents of the UK, Dementia diagnostic rates are going up but not a rate they should be. So the UK will be working on getting more people checked out and diagnosed.


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