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New Dementia Friendly Facility Opens & DF Sales Visit

The Trust’s new dementia friendly care facility, located at West Health Hospital, has opened its doors to patients.

Willow House is a dedicated 18-bed ward, using national best practice and design to create an environment sensitive to the needs of people with dementia. It has been supported by a Department of Health grant of £1m.

BCHC chief operating officer Andy Harrison said: “We are delighted that this unit has now opened to patients.

“More than a third of people we care for in our inpatient units have a dementia-related diagnosis on top of their primary reason for being admitted. Many people with dementia find it stressful to be admitted to an inpatient facility and may suffer a loss of confidence and independence as a result. “

The new facility has been created within an existing ward, refurbished to include features such as an enclosed garden, colour coding, dementia friendly signage, memory boards, Dementia Ward Clock and symbols to help patients navigate and enjoy their environment. The dementia Ward Clock is a 27” Ward Orientation Clock designed by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering.  The Ward Clock has five slides which help patients by displaying the date, time period, analogue clock, personalised ward information slide and seasonal photos which represent each season. This has already proven hugely popular amongst staff and patients. Here’s what Mark Guttridge, Project Officer had to say about the Ward Clock:

“The Clock is superb. The patients and the staff love it! I would be very happy to recommend this product to other hospitals and NHS staff”.

Willow House is a modern, fit-for-purpose facility within which can receive excellent, dedicated care and increased support from our staff and their carers and family members.

DF Sales Visit

Head of Sales, Matthew Smith and Product Manager, Jon Stutter (Right) recently went to Willow House to meet with Mark Guttrigde (Left) and see the new dementia ward and the Ward Clock in use.  We were very impressed with the overall set up and the calm atmosphere across the Ward.
The Ward Clock looked great in use and it was very rewarding to get such good feedback from hospital staff and the patients who use our product each day. Mark and the other hospital staff were particularly pleased with how easy the Ward Clock is to use and due to the fact the software is pre-set, no efforts are required to update the information displayed on the Ward Clock. It was great to see the impact that our product can have and we hope to continue getting our Ward Clock into this type of environment.


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