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Sunday Times features Day Clock in association with

James Ashwell aged 24 discovered that his mum had dementia at the shockingly early age of 54. James, now 34 is the founder of, James and his father devoted their lives to caring for his mother, Fay, until James’ father sadly died of a rare disease. James first realised his mother, Fay, had a problem when they had a close call when she started driving on the wrong side of the road, James and his school friend were passengers at the time.

With an already staggering £2m funding and the prospect of a further £5m, James is really trying to push the website and it is looking on course for changing the way people see dementia. Once the website goes live in June it will hopefully catch on pretty fast and people can learn about the day to day struggles that they have to go through, and also give sufferers a piece of mind.

Some of the products that a featured are the easy-to-use cutlery, a robotic seal which makes friendly noises when stroked, a wearable airbag to prevent hip breaks, which is one of the main causes of hospital admissions for people with dementia and also our great Day Clock which helps people with dementia tell what time of day it is.

Day Clock

The Day Clock is a great way of helping dementia sufferers by displaying simple text, which says what part of the day it is. Our Day Clock is described as ‘A Clock that dispenses with potentially confusing digital displays’. The way in which it helps people struggling with dementia is that it isn’t over complicated like normal clocks; it just displays text such as ‘Now it’s Sunday Morning’. To view our Day Clock product please click here.


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