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The Alzheimers Show 2013

Alzhiemers Show Logo

Day Clock is extremely excited to be featuring in this years Alzeimers show on the 19th and 20th of April. Below features more information about the Event itself and our exhibition:

About The Alzheimers Show

The Alzheimer’s Show, is the first exhibition and conference of its kind, uniquely supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK.

It is dedicated to the growing community of carers, relatives and professionals and those living with dementia who all too often don’t know where to turn for answers.

The Alzheimer’s Show has a full programme of high profile speakers, individuals sharing their own personal experiences of dealing with dementia and over 40 dementia and care exhibitors. Admiral Nurses will also be on hand for free 1-2-1 sessions.

The Day Clock exhibition stand will feature in both days of this brilliant event taking place in London. The Dementia Day Clock itself will be on show and we will have a couple of our most experienced team members on hand to help answer any questions you have.

For full details on the show visit the Alziemers show website here.

Thiis Magazine

Thiis Magazine Logo

Day Clock is proud to announce that we have been featured on the front cover of Thiis Magazine, March 2013. If you would like to order an edition of Thiis magazine please visit them here. The Cover:

About Thiis Magazine

The Homecare Industry Information Service is the place to come for professionals working in the homecare/disability industry looking for up to date news about the latest homecare and assistive technology products, updates to existing products, new services and developments.

The cover of Thiis Magazine featuring the Day Clock.

What Thiis Magazine Had To Say

Tony speaking on behalf of the BIME and Day Clock.

"The Day Clock came about from research into time orientation for people living with dementia. People tend to lose track of the time of day and can even mix up day and night, leading to problems that are really difficult to manage, like repeated phone calls to friends and family in the early hours. Carers contacted us to say that the products on the market weren't that effective. So, we started a project to look at what was actually needed. We came to the conclusion that the day of the week and the part of the day (morning, afternoon, evening or night) were important, and not necessarily the actual time. We finally produced a solution based on a digital photo frame that gives the simple information. This new type of clock supports both people with dementia and their carers, and the feedback from people using it in their own homes has shown us it is helping to reduce this growing problem. The product won a South West innovation award and was shortlisted for the finals of the National Dementia awards. Nearly 1200 Day Clocks have been sold since it was launched just a year ago."

And it's product that is available now for companies to resell. "The company that makes them for us also runs the distribution and it is available for people to re-sell."

Don Foster Talks About the Day Clock

Insight Magazine Logo

Don Foster, MP for Bath, talks about the benefits of the Day Clock
The article:

New “day clock”from BIME to assist dementia sufferers

Earlier today, Don Foster met with members of Bath Institute of Medical Engineering to discuss how products designed by BIME are being used to help fight the growing challenge of dementia.

BIME have a number of technology solutions to help people with dementia and recently launched a new type of clock to help people who experience problems with time orientation as a result of their dementia. The new clock acts as a helpful reminder, constantly displaying the day of the week and whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night.

The clock is available to purchase from

Commenting, Don said:

"Just as the Wizzybug benefited children with mobility issues, the Day Clock from BIME is making a difference to the lives of many people who suffer from dementia.

"As a city we should be proud of the role BIME plays to assist people with disabilities and healthcare problems around the country. The team based at the RUH continually demonstrate how technology and innovation can benefit people in so many different ways"

BIME are also developing a larger version which is designed to be used in hospital wards or care homes and this should be available in the next couple of months. This will be called the Combe-clock. For more information contact Tony Husband at BIME on 01225 824109.

The Combe-clock will be provided by Bath based company Afterthought.

Photo of The Day Clock Box Don Foster's Website

Day Clock Featured in Insight Magazine

Insight Magazine Logo

Day Clock has been featured in the Insight Magazine (ISSUE 17)
The article:

Practical aid for the time-confused

The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) has designed a revolutionary new clock, which is helping to dispel confusion for people living with dementia.

The new clock acts as a helpful reminder, constantly displaying the day of week and whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Nigel Harris, BIME Director, explains: "People living with dementia can lose the ability to tell the time, even to the extent they cannot distinguish between night and day.

"Confusion about the time of day often causes people to mix up the middle of the afternoon with the middle of the night, resulting in repeated phone call to friends a to friends in the early hours. This new type of day clock will support people with dementia and to reduce this growing problem."

Designed in close consultation with people living with dementia, the clock is deliberately simple, displaying only the necessary information needed for people to consolidate their daily routine and reduce anxiety about missing regular events or appointments. It does not display the exact time and date as research has shown that this additional information can be distracting.

Nearly 700 Day Clocks have been sold since it was last launched a year ago. In fact the Day Clock has been so successful in helping with this serious problem it won a South West Innovation Award. The clock was also a finalist in the National Dementia Care Awards.

The clock is available from or by calling 0117 330 2277.

BIME is an engineering design and development charity based at the RUH, which works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and healthcare problems.

They have developed over 300 products over the years and have changed the lives of well over 200,000 people.

The Insight Magazine Article Insight Magazine

Day Clock Featured in Bath Magazine

Bath Magazine Logo

Day Clock is in the Bath Business Section of The Bath Magazine
The article:

Practical aid for the time-confused

The team at the bath Institute of Medical Engineering have invented something apparently have invented something apparently simply but so effective for helping people of suffer from dementia or confusion, that they’re winning national recognition.

The Day Clock was invented by Hazel Boyd and Nina Evans and it gently reminds people of the day with its clear, readable screen. Dementia sufferers often struggle with knowing what time of day it is, which can cause challenges to them and to their carers and The Day Clock tells them whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night.

And for those sufferers anxious that it might not be working, their carers and family will be relieved to know that it is resilient to the pressing of buttons.

It was a finalist for the Outstanding Dementia Car Product or Innovation 2012 category, in the national Dementia Care Awards recently held in Brighton and has also picked up a biomedical award for a southwest innovation.

The Day Clock retails at £79.99.

More than 700 Day Clocks have been sold since the product was launched a year ago and it is available from or by calling 0117 330 2277.

The Bath Magazine The Bath Magazine (Page 91)

Day Clock Featured in the Gazette


Following winning the Innovation Award Day Clock has been featured in the Gazette.
The article:

No time like this present.

CUTTING-edge firm in Thornbury has scooped an innovation award for spearheading the distribution of a clock specially designed for dementia sufferers. DF Sales Ltd was the big winner at the Medlinks South West Awards thanks to its ingenious Day Clock.

The device was created by Bath-based charity the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME), to help people with dementia maintain their routines by giving them a simple understanding of the time and day.

The clock works constantly and displays, for example, the simple message "Now it’s Monday Morning" before changing to "Afternoon", "Evening" and then "Night". This presentation was found to significantly reduce dementia sufferers anxiety about time.

The Day Clock is manufactured, marketed and sold by DF Sales LTD, which was set up six years ago by Rob Austen.

Mr Austen told the Gazette: "I am very proud that my company has one this award for our dementia clock as it is really helping people living with dementia to maintain their understanding of time.

"I am also very please with the rapid growth of the sales of the Day Clock as we have a profit-sharing arrangement with the charity the created the concept, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, so the success of this dementia product has benefits for the users, their primary carers, the manufacturer and the creator."

DF Sales was also highly commended at the National Dementia Care Awards for the most innovative new product.

The firm is now in the running for Medlins National Awards whose winners will be announced at new year.

The gazette article The Gazette

Day Clock Receives 4 Stars in Able Magazine


We are proud to announce day clock has been awarded 4 stars, which was the highest rating of the Nov/Dec 2012 issue, by Able magazine. Able magazine is the UK’s favorite disability lifestyle magazine.
The article:

Dementia Dayclock

The DayClock has been designed to help people with dementia by simply clearly displaying the time of day in words; as morning, afternoon, evening or night. People living with dementia can lose the ability to recognize what the time is, and even whether it is day or night. DayClock can help people with dementia maintain their daily routine and reduce their anxiety about missing the important things they need to do.

Able Magazine's Website

Official Innovation Awards 2012 Article

The iNet Logo

Here is the official article featuring our innovation prize on the iNets website. The article:

Biomedical iNet Innovation Awards 2012

The South West Biomedical iNet’s second Innovation Awards, in partnership with Medilink South West, took place on October 23, 2012.

Over the last two years, the Biomedical iNet has been supporting innovation across the South West by assisting over 100 companies take ideas to market through facilitating collaborations across business and research organisations, in addition to funding specialist support.

To celebrate their success, the iNet hosted their second Innovation Awards at The Thistle Grand Hotel, Bristol. The Awards recognised companies in the South West that have succeeded in starting up a company, have innovative products on the market, established a good partnership with the NHS, had significant growth an§d achieved substantial growth in their exports.

The Day-Clock Team holding the Awards
This years winners, from L-R- Tim Williams- myClinicalOutcomes; Natalie Hann- TRAC Services; Rachel Bryan- Simpleware; Paul Sutcliffe- SS Denal Services; Rob Austin- DF Sales Ltd

Winners received an engraved Bristol Blue Glass plate and in addition to receiving a prize at the ceremony and publicity across the South West, the winners will then be put forward to the Medilink National awards.

David Dawson, Biomedical iNet Director, said “the quality of the winners of the five categories was excellent and they have a real chance of making an impression in the prestigious National Medilink Awards”

Two companies which won at last year’s Innovation Awards, went on to win at the Medilink National Awards. Both Preventex and Nanosight were put forward for the national awards after winning the iNet awards and won Start Up and Export Awards respectively.

iNets Award Article

Day Clock Featured in the Bath Chronicle

Bath Chronicle Logo

We are proud to announce the appearance of the Day Clock on After winning our award the Bath Chronicle gave an insight into both the functionality of the Day Clock aswell as the night of the award ceremony.
The article:

Bath designed dementia sufferers' clock wins award

A clock designed by a Bath charity to ensure people with dementia know what time of the day it is has won an award.

The Day Clock, designed by the Bath Institute for Medical Engineering, based at the Royal United Hospital, helps people with dementia to distinguish between day and night.

A Lady Holding The Day Clock

Now the clock, which is already popular with families, has won the South West Innovation Award for the product that has made the most impact on the market.

BIME commercial manager Tony Husband said: "There are getting on for a million people in the UK suffering from dementia, and many experience confusion about the time of day, which often results in repeated phone calls in the middle of the night to friends and relatives.

"We have designed a revolutionary new type of clock which solves this problem.

"Confusion about the time of day causes people to mix up the middle of the afternoon with the middle of the night, and the new clock constantly reminds people whether it is morning, afternoon, evening, or night."

More than 600 Day Clocks have been sold since it was launched a year ago.

They are available from or by calling 01173 302277.

BIME works to make life easier for disabled people, employing engineers, designers, technicians and occupational therapists, and has a track record of more than 40 years.

Its best known product is the Wizzybug, a motorised wheelchair for small children.

To find out more visit www. or call 01225 824103.

- Bath Chronicle

Day Clock Wins Innovation Award

2012 Biomedical iNets South West Innovation Awards

Rob Austen Accepting the Innovation Award DF Sales Ltd and the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) are delighted to announce that the Day Clock has been presented with the Innovation Prize at the 2012 Biomedical iNets South West Innovation Awards. The awards celebrate the success of companies in the South West with the Day Clock noticeably being recognised as the most innovative product to be brought to the biomedical market over the past twelve months.
The awards ceremony was attended by a large number of startup companies along with experts in the biomedical field. Accepting the award for the Day Clocks achievements was Rob Austen, the Managing Director of DF Sales Ltd.

We are very privileged that all the hard work and dedication that has been put into the Day Clock from both DF Sales and BIME has been noticed by the Biomedical iNets Awards. Not only this but the Day Clock has been put forward to the prestigious Medilinks National Awards which take place next year.