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How to use your Day Clock

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What does the Day Clock do?

People with memory problems can have trouble telling whether it is day or night, or morning or afternoon, or simply need reassurance about what day it is.

These instructions tell you about how to use your Day Clock and how to look after it.

The Day Clock will… automatically show Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night for each day of the week, and will display the right information as soon as you plug it in. It will need adjusting in the Spring and Autumn when the clocks change.

The Day Clock will not… display the exact time, or the date.

The Day Clock has been carefully designed to help people with memory problems to make decisions about how to plan their day, so the different information is displayed as follows:

Morning: 7am to 12 noon
Afternoon: 12 noon to 5pm
Evening: 5pm to 10pm
Night: 10pm to 7am

Think about where to position the Day Clock – perhaps try putting it in the living room, the kitchen or even the bedroom. Some people might benefit from placing the Day Clock next to a calendar or diary, to provide reassurance about missing appointments or planning activities.

Getting started

To wall mount: hang up the Day Clock using the keyhole-shaped hole on the backKeyhole Shaped Hole


To stand the Day Clock up, insert the clear plastic stand into the star-shaped hole:Star Shaped Hole

Plug the power cable into the DC 9V socket on the side of the frame, and plug the cable into a mains socket and switch it on at the socket.

DC 9V Socket

Find the buttons on the top of the Day Clock, which are labelled below for you (looking from the top with the screen facing towards you):

Day Clock Menu

Press the ON/OFF button to switch on the Day Clock (if it is not already on), and the screen will initially look like this…

Day Clock Screen

…before automatically changing to the correct display.

The Day Clock is now working and ready to use.

How can I switch on/off the blue lights on the corners of the Day Clock?

The blue lights around the edges of the Day Clock will automatically be on whenever the Day Clock is first switched on at the mains, for example after being unplugged, or after a power cut.

Press and hold the EXIT button for two seconds to switch the blue lights off.
Do the same again to switch the blue lights back on.

How does the Day Clock know what time it is?

The Day Clock has an internal Calander function where you can set the time and date. As long as the frame is powered from the mains power supply at all times the date will be remembered whether the Day Clock is powered on or off. The Day Clock will not continually work once the Day Clock has been unplugged or if there is a power cut.

In this instance when the frame is switched back on the Day Clock will need to have the date and time reset.


What do I have to do when the clocks change (in Spring and Autumn)?

Just like any other clock, in Spring you will need to move the built-in timer forward one hour, and in Autumn you will need to move it back one hour, so that the display stays correct.

Find the buttons on the top of the Day Clock, which are labelled below for you: Day Clock Menu

If you press the wrong button at any time and are not sure what to do, you can switch the Day Clock off and on again without causing any problems – just press the ON/OFF button and try the instructions again from here.

  1. Press the EXIT button briefly once to give this screen… Exit instruction
  2. Press the EXIT button a second time to show this Setup screen: Setup instruction
  3. Press OK to show a menu with “Set date and time” hightlighted in green. Exit instruction
  4. Press OK again to highlight the Year option in green. Setup instruction
  5. Press the DOWN arrow button until the “Hour” option is highlighted in green. Hour instruction
  6. Press OK to highlight the hour in red numbers. Clock instruction
  7. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to choose the correct hour (the hour is shown as a 24 hour clock).
  8. Press OK so that the hour is now shown in white numbers. OK instruction
  9. Use the DOWN arrow to move the green highlighted bar to the “Save time” setting at the bottom: Down instruction
  10. Press OK to save the time, the press EXIT twice to go back to your Day Clock display:Final instruction

Troubleshooting and getting help

Why is there no USB memory stick or SD Memory card in the box with my Day Clock?

The information displayed on the Day Clock is built into the product, so it does not need memory card or USB stick.


The Day Clock has been unplugged, what should I do?

If the Day Clock becomes unplugged, upon powering the unit back on you will need to reset the time and date options.

The Day Clock is not showing the right information.

If the Day Clock is consistently wrong by one or two hours, check that it has been adjusted correctly for the time of year (e.g. to British Summer Time or Greenwich Mean Time). Check this using the instructions for “What to do when the clocks change”.

If the day is wrong, follow these same instructions to check that the date on the iternal clock is correct.

What should I do when the clocks change at different times of year?

See the instructions on “What to do when the clocks change”.

I’ve pressed the wrong button while setting up the Day Clock – what should I do?

Press the ON/OFF switch and start again.

If the screen does not display anything.

Check that the power cable is plugged in at both ends and switched on, and press the ON/OFF button on the top of the frame.

I have a problem with the Day Clock that I cannot solve.

Please email our helpline:


telephone us:
+44 (0) 117 330 2277

Technical and Safety Information

  • Adapter input: AC 100-240V /110V 50/60HZ 350mA
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Memory cards: SD
  • Screen parameters:
    • Screen Size: 7 inch TFT
    • Resolution: 480x234 Pixels
    • Contrast: 300:1
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Brightness: 300cd/m2
    • Response Time : 20ms
    • Viewing Angle: 60° (left/right/vertical), 40° (horizontal)
    • Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C , Humidity: 10-85%
To reduce the risk of a fire or an electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.